Replay 2012 | The Writer’s Guide to Making Google Your Friend


It’s that time of year again, and I’m not only dragging out the Stuff I Found While Procrastinating Online Gift Guides, but also replaying some of my most popular “self-printing” posts from the last twelve months for those who might have missed them first time around. They’re in no particular order, popularity-wise. Today we talk about SEO and why there’s much easier and more effective ways to get the attention of internet search engines… 

If you have a blog, chances are you’ve heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. You might have read one of the 83,321,023 articles or posts about why you have to do it right now or else, or maybe some kindly person from an SEO company sent you an e-mail expressing their concern over the fact that your SEO efforts are a pile of poo but fear not, because they’d lurve to help you improve…

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Catherine’s Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Jet-Setters


It’s my favorite time of the year, when I happily start to fill my schedule with all sorts of present-hunting, gift-wrapping and cupcake-baking goodness and run a military-style operation to decorate the tree (ensuring there’s equal numbers of each color bauble, that they’re all evenly distributed across the tree and that there isn’t a trace of tinsel within a thirty-foot radius of our house). Which also means that it’s time for my Christmas Gifts I Discovered While Procrastinating Online Guide! 

On Friday I shared my top prezzie picks for writers, Monday was caffeine fiends, and still to come we have book lovers and, um, me, i.e. my favorite things. But today we have Gifts for Jet-Setters, be they the people in your life who are always filling your Facebook feed with jealous-making photo albums, or the ones who dream of a 2013 filled with travel and adventure…

Picture 2

(Click for…

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Polsek Helvetia Berhasil Tangkap Pembuat Ekstasi Palsu

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Medan (Media BUSER TIPIKOR) Rumah yang berada di kawasan jalan Bakti Luhur, lingkungan II, Kelurahan Dwikora, Kecamatan Medan Helvetia, Jumat (14/12), waktu dini hari digrebek oleh tim unit Reskrim Polsek Helvetia. Dari hasil penggrebekan itu polisi menyita 452 butir pil … Baca lebih lanjut

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